ProRealTime – Advanced programming


This second training program gives you a tour of advanced programming notions in the ProBuilder language with several concrete application examples.

  • The first lesson deals with loops and detections/getting values of variables in the past, in a dynamic way. Concrete examples looked at include: trend indicators, a “pattern” market screener wich looks for crosses of the moving average, trading signal indicator based on the MACD
  • Lesson 2: performing conditional tests in the past in a simplified way
  • Lesson 3: creation of an example trading strategy using elements of the programming learned in the previous 2 lessons
  • Lesson 4: reprogramming an oscillator, the TDI and extrapolation of its information to create a new “dynamic” personal indicator, detect divergences and display signals on the chart
  • Lesson 5: creation of a complete ZigZag indicator, detection of peaks and troughs of price, drawing lines between peaks and troughs with programming and programming a dynamic percentage of variation compatible with any instrument and time frame

The training program is composed of 5 lessons broken down into 24 videos in which we train you in programming.

Do not forget to take advantage of the first training program which is completely free and available here : Training program – Introduction to programming with ProRealTime

After following these 2 training programs, thanks to the examples illustrated in each one, you will gain knowledge which will help you create your own advanced tools to detect opportunities and trading signal based on your own ideas.

Total duration of the training: 4h20

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