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    I am trying to bild a counter to determine when the bad trades are made.

    I started to evaluate wich day of the week, but its count wrong.

    Here is an snippet from the code

    if buycondition then
    buy positionsize contract at market
    Trigger = 1 //Trigger that a new position are open so you evalute the last one


    Once TradeCounterall =0
    Once Trigger = 0
    Once BadMondag=0
    Once BadTisdag=0
    Once BadOnsdag=0
    Once BadTorsdag=0
    Once BadFredag=0

    if Trigger = 1 then
    if PositionPerf(1)< 0.0 then //If the last position whas bad count the day that trade whas made
    if currentday =1 then
    elsif currentday=2 then
    elsif currentday=3 then
    elsif Currentday=4 then
    elsif Currentday=5 then

    currentday=Currentdayofweek //Set th current day for next trade


    graphonprice tradecounterall coloured(0,0,255,255) as “tradecounter”
    graphonprice BadMondag coloured(0,0,255,255) as “Mondag”
    graphonprice BadTisdag coloured(0,0,255,255) as “Tisdag”
    graphonprice BadOnsdag coloured(0,0,255,255) as “Onsdag”
    graphonprice BadTorsdag coloured(0,0,255,255) as “Torsdag”
    graphonprice BadFredag coloured(0,0,255,255) as “Fredag”


    In the backtest I do, the calculator in the grah, for example tradecounterall, says that there have been 215 trades, and if I add upp all the bad days, it might be say 65pcs. But when I read the same values from the Detailed report it shows other numbers. Let say Totalt: 150, Losing:50.

    What is wrong or can anyone suggest another way to do this?



    Hi there Peli,

    Remove the Once before Trigger. Put the line Trigger = 0 to the top of the code.

    Good luck ! -Peter


    No, my answer won’t help.

    Can you see the Graphonprice showing the bad trades as expected ? If Yes then what …


    PositionPerf returns the temporary gain or loss candle by candle.

    To tell if a trade gained or lost you have to compare the current StrategyProfit with that of the prior candle.



    Thanks for the replys.

    I use PositionPerf(1) so it should count the profit from the last ended trade. No temporary gain.

    However, I realized that i have the setting defparam cumulateorders = false.

    So even if there was no trade taking place when the buconditions were valid, the counter counted up.

    So I changed to

    if buycondition then
    buy positionsize contract at market
    if not shortonmarket and not longonmarket then
    Trigger = 1 //Trigger that a new position are open so you evalute the last one

    its works not perfect but good enough.

    But I realy wanted to write something like

    If cumulateorders=false and not shortonmarket and not longonmarket then


    elsif cumulateorders=true then




    But the program does not accept it. I don´t know how to write to take the cumulateorders settings into account?


    If you allow cumulating of orders, it means that you can be on market with more than 1 order at the same time, so just create a variable that count the quantity of BUY and quantity of  SELLSHORT in a row, and reset that variables when you invert the trade direction.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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