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    Hi Im new to pro backtest, im having some problems, when I run pro backtest by clicking on ‘pro backtest my system’ button I do not get the dashboard pop up, similarly, I’m trying the optimisation of variables and once I run the system (after the entry of variables, enabling the tests etc) by clicking on the same button ‘pro backtest my system’ the result is nothing I do not get the dashboard, nor the optimisation report, I have searched all the menus to see if I can access these through other menus but cannot find either of these to run for the results any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

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    If left-clicking in the top left corner of the probacktest window on its title, there should be a pop up menu, if yes 4th choice should be “detailed report”, assuming that’s the dashboard you’re asking about? (can also be reached through a right click, a little further down about half way through the choices)

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    Hi I tried the right-click method and that report is the overall trading report rather than the report/dashboard for the tested strategy. Still cannot find anyway to access the optimisation report.

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    Sorry, forgot the optimisation report, and yes you’re right only the left click path is for the backtest report. I have made screen captures to assist:

    • “1” in first image is where to left click on probacktest profit & loss window title to make menu appear
    • in appeared menu, “2” should give the backtest detailed report in 5th choice when there’s optimisation (not 4th as I was looking earlier at menu without optimisation), looking like second attached image, populated when not a dummy backtest
    • and “3” the item just above “2” should give the optimisation report, looking like third image. Often, it’s here but got hidden behind the backtest window, when that’s the case another way to bring it back to front is though the windows task bar opened PRTwindows icons
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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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