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    Good news today for PRT-CFD users and IG France customers, the new ProRealTime v10.3 is available as a Beta version for demo accounts.

    The long awaited version for CFD accounts is now almost over. I don’t know at that time when IG ‘rest of the world’ users will be concerned.. sorry for them 🙁

    Bonnes nouvelles aujourd’hui pour les clients de PRT-CFD et d’IG France, la nouvelle version 10.3 de ProRealTime est disponible en version Beta pour les comptes démos.

    L’attente de sa disponibilité pour les comptes CFD est maintenant presque terminé. Je ne sais pas actuellement à quel moment les clients IG des autres pays seront concernés .. désolé pour eux 🙁

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    Good news, but UK and all other Europe will be waiting.


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    Yes that’s how PRT proceed with their new versions. Release are made step by step to prevent problems with the whole customers at once if it has any..

    If I get news for other countries, be sure I’ll give them here.

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    Did you see that new button in the platform? This logo reminds me something … 🙂

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    UK PRT demo CFD account.

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    Merci PRT pour ce joli cadeau de Noël, j’ai juste joué avec des drawarrow et des backgroundcolor pour le moment, c’est vraiment pas mal, je testerai le reste après Noël.

    Chères ProRealCodeuses, chers ProRealCodeurs, cher Nicolas, et chers PRT développeurs si vous passez par là, je vous souhaite à toutes et tous un Joyeux Noël!!!

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    a fine mese dovrebbe essere disponibile anche per i clienti italiani

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    avatar ALE
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    quale mese…? dicembre o gennaio ?

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    Grazie msblend,

    sai se sarà disponibile anche per gli account esistenti, o se sara disponibile solamente per i nuovi account?




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    Good Morning and Happy New Year to all,
    Good news for the users of IG Spain. We already have available the PRT 10.3 version in demo account. I suppose that in other countries already will be also active.


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    By the way is there a special procedure to report bugs during this beta testing period? Or just clicking the usual “technical support” (ctrl+M) in the PRT help menu will reach the PRT 10.3 dev team rather than IG staff? I encoutered a few problems with it today that I didn’t have (or were there but didn’t notice) when first testing it just before Christmas…

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    That’s how PRT deals with new versions: one country at a time to prevent massive problems.


    You can follow the normal procedure to report bugs if you find any.

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    Bonne nouvelle,


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    Thank you Nicolas. I guess they do so in order to avoid accumulation with the incidences of users. However, if you consider it appropriate, it would be a good idea to list the countries where version 10.3 is already available for general knowledge of forum users.


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    Yay! The 10.3 version is available on demo for Sweden too now! It looks very promising 😀

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