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    Like already said and confirmed, just a little patience, it should be OK before the end of the month.

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    If you are with IG and PRT v11.1 you should wait some weeks.
    IG has been upgraded to v11.1 since the 25th of Nov, it’s just 26 days, they are probably testing that everything is ok before to release in prod the streamdeck features. It should be available soon (in term of weeks I hope).
    Please let me know when it will start to connect normally.

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    I’m facing issues with Pro Real Time and stream deck (32 keys) in Mac OS X Catalina.

    when Java is executing/loading PRT , it stops suddenly and crashes.

    I excuse again PRT,  I go to the option and it shows functionality is deactivated and if I want I need to reactivate close and execute again, if I do that, it crashes again.


    tanks for your help.



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    does it not work with streamdeck 6 buttons?!

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    My stream deck doesn’t appear in PRT. I’m on PRT 1.1 and Mac OS Big Sur. Is this feature not yet enabled with IG’s version of PRT?

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    Really nice, thank you for the update!

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    Still not working for me. Streamdeck comes up in the shortcuts menu when it’s off. But when I close PRT, reboot the stream deck, then open PRT again it’s not there anymore. I’ll need to check in with IG I suppose!

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    Hi, have you the streamdeck software running as well ? If yes, uninstall it and try again.

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    Thanks! I have tried running it with and without the streamdeck software but haven’t actually tried to uninstall it. I will try!

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    Please be carefull if you already have a position open: it doesnt Force open and it’ll close any existing open position: I’ve raised a support ticket for an enhancement to consider supporting “Force Open”

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    Is it possible to set a button that will move stop to break even or close half a position? Thanks

    This is a good idea. I am a member of a group that have used Streamdeck (and other hotkey pads) with DAS TraderPro for years, and have a few simple ideas that I think would enhance the functionality with PRT. Is there a way to direct suggestions or comments to the appropriate people?

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    Hi, there’s a suggestion box on their website with the following link:

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    To get Stream Deck mk2 working with ProRealTime on MacOS I had to quit the Stream Deck software before starting ProRealTime. Then ProRealTime did not unexpectedly quit during startup.

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    I would like to know if Loupedeck instead of Stream Deck is also working with the ProRealTime platform. Loupedeck is a competitor to Stream Deck but with much more capabilities.

    The website of Loupedeck is

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 60 total)

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