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    Yes it might be possible to add a bluetooth dongle on the end of the StreamDecks USB cable but this kind of eliminates the point that the cable is the annoying thing! It is a fixed length which is either too long or too short and you can only make it longer with a USB extension. Perhaps it could be coiled up and a dongle added and it could then be hidden behind the StreamDeck when it is on its stand but you would still see the wire sticking out of the top of StreamDeck. Better than no bluetooth connection I guess though.


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    I love using my streamdeck XL. I haven’t yet used it much with PRT11 as I’m still on 10.4 but can’t wait to use it for actual trading. At the moment I use it for differnt tasks. I have my favourite forum posts that I follow linked to buttons so I can quickly just click on those in the morning and get straight to the right post. Also, I’m using aText app on my computer that links to buttons on the streamdeck – this way I can have snippets of code and premade strategy templates put into place in Proorder with a click of a button.

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    I love using my streamdeck XL

    Yes there are many uses other than trading that the StreamDeck can be used for. My favourites so far are as a video and sound controller. I watch a lot of video on my laptop but the distance I like to view it at makes using the mouse difficult and the keyboard is out of reach. Having the StreamDeck next to me so I can pause/play/up volume/down volume/mute is great. My other favourite use is like you – I have my most used websites at the press of a button. This is especially useful after crawling out of bed bleary eyed and desperate for coffee. I just press all the buttons of the websites I want to read while drinking coffee as I breeze past the computer on the way to the coffee pot. By the time I have returned they are all there ready to read.

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    Indeed! Normally we only have 2 types of computer input, but adding a 3rd one makes it more efficient and enjoyable to use the computer. I also use it for scanning and launching actions in photoshop (slightly off topic on this forum..) It makes it more intuitive to use the computer with less clicking and typing for repetitive tasks.  I’m sure there are loads of other use cases that I haven’t discovered yet.

    – you didn’t get it to be used for manual trading? I think I read somewhere that you do auto trading only, but I might be wrong.

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    – you didn’t get it to be used for manual trading? I think I read somewhere that you do auto trading only, but I might be wrong.

    I have to confess that it was an unexpected gift from the good people at PRT but that in no way influences my opinion that it is a very useful bit of kit!

    You are correct I don’t like manual trading but I have also not auto traded either for some time now due to these crazy times that we find ourselves in. Plus making money was never my primary incentive. I enjoy the challenge of coding indicators and strategies as much as I enjoy winning spread bets. I won’t starve if I don’t trade and I think that anyone who trades because they want to use it as a way to put food on the table is going about it all wrong. Food on table first then spread bet what you don’t need for food after everyone in the family has eaten!

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    Is it possible to set a button that will move stop to break even or close half a position? Thanks

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    What about one-click trading? If I press Buy Market order on StreamDesk, must be validate again with my keyboard spacebar or not?

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    From yesterday on PRT (with IG) I have v11.1 active (it was 25 Nov 2020).
    Under the shortcuts, no “StreamDeck” section appears (as I have seen in this video); is this normal or to see it I must have connected a StreamDeck (which I don’t currently possess).
    Since I’m thinking about whether to buy one or not I want to be sure that it’s going to work on PRT with IG platform too. Probably it will, can someone give me a confirmation?

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    Indeed, if you have not connected a Streamdeck into your computer, the menu is not visible. I confirm that it is compatible with an IG account.

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    Perfect, this is exactly what I needed to know, thanks!

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    Hi Nicolas,

    I do have a stream deck and an IG account for which I just received PRT 11.1 in Demo.

    I cannot see the stream deck in the menus even though the stream deck is connected to my PC.

    Any idea why ?

    ( I was using the stream deck before by replicating the keyboard shortcuts on PRT 10.3, but this is no longer working on 11.1 : Why would that be ? )


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    I’m not with IG so I can’t test, i’m asking confirmation and let you know why you don’t get the menu!

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    Thank you Raygeek for your feedback about StreamDeck on PRT v11.1 + IG.
    I was just about to buy one… As soon as you manage to activate your Stream Desk on PRT v11.1 with IG could you please remember to give me a feedback here?
    I would be grateful.

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    Will do.

    I might even sell you my stream deck, it’s overkill for me. A game controller might do the job just fine. (will try later this week)😉

    Good luck with your trading !

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    Hoping to have a definitive answer on Monday.

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