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    Ciao ragazzi, ho cercato di programmare l’indicatore Pro go di Williams secondo le sue istruzioni, ma qualcosa non mi torna (linea professional verde) guardando l’esempio di Williams allegato,

    secondo voi è corretto e se non lo è mi sapete dare le giuste istruzioni?

    Grazie mille in anticipo!


    Many, many years ago I wrote about how to separate public buying from professional buying. The essence of the technique was to create an A/D line for the public that shows
    the change from yesterday’s close to today’s open (i.e. ProGo Public). The professional A/D line is then constructed by using the change from today’s open to today’s close (i.e.
    ProGo Professional). Those two lines clearly “tip” us as to what is really going on.
    We can take this one step farther by simply constructing an index of the previous close to open +/- values and then taking a 14 day average which is plotted against a 14 day
    average of the +/- values of the open to close.
    I can see at least two ways to use this data, and there may be more. The first is to simply look for divergences between price and the Professional (Pro) index. Price lows not
    matched by the Pro index are bullish. New highs not matched by this index tend to be bearish.
    Additionally, crossings of these two indicators have given some excellent intermediate term buy and sell signal as the charts below depict. This can be used as an entry or timing
    technique with the rules as provided at the seminar.
    Even in today’s electronic markets, ProGo still holds true.

    Seguendo quello che scrive, il codice dovrebbe essere questo:

    return progopublic as “public”, progoprofessional as “professional”





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    Sorry, I don’t speak enough italian to write the answer in your language. Just an idea:

    open[0]  <– known when day starts

    close[0]  <– NOT known until end of day

    Put the whole data one day further back, for those days we have everything.

    Hope that helps.

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    Test DAX daily: green=profs, red=pubs




    the one you wrote works too. I just got rid of the [0]:



    Thank you guys,

    so my code is right, except erasing the [0] and also using the dclose and dopen of the previous days,

    Gabri, “public” should be close[1]-open, you wrote close-open[1] or am i wrong?

    thanks a lot,



    Yep I concur … both give same results!

    Thanks guys, this was a new one on me, but it appears to have a lot of merit!?

    I’m going to incorporate it in some of my Strats and I’ll report back.


    PS For clarification, I hadn’t seen Post #40898 when I posted above. So I was referring to the code at #40861 and #40892,


    Maximus, I copied yours and canceled the zeroes. I think you are right.



    Yes Grabri and GraHal,

    I have mistaken too in my first post, it’s public=close[1]-open and i wrote close[0]-open[1]!


    They’re not the same if you make the change to close[1]-open.

    See attached

    PS  I need to get my posts out quicker and stop watching tv while I write them!  Gotcha now … I had two the same, but they were BOTH wrong!!! HAHAHHA


    I’ll have to read up on this again now … both same again, but it doesn’t look right somehow? See attached.

    It’s probably cos I convinced myself of ‘incorrect logic’ using the wrong ones!? 🙂


    Maybe this will fix the problem?


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    The ProGo is for use on Daily TF as close[1]-open takes account of the daily opening gap.

    I am using it on 1M and 5M TF so I guess I’m using the Professional Line more as a Sentiment Index?

    I’ve reversed the Pro Line (see attached) cos when I was writing conditions into a Strat code I found myself having to look back at the Chart. I find attached more intuitive as we all know that a steep rise is often quickly followed by a correction! (sorry Larry! 🙂 ).



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