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    indis 3/ and 4/ successfully converted, the code is attached to this post. Example attached: above oscillator is RSI and below is RSX.

    Next is 5/ FDI, to check the differences between MT5 and PRT version already available.


    Awesome Nicolas!

    I will start coding the strategy using the existing Fractal Dimension Index! And then just swop it out with the new version if you find you need to update it.


    Here is the updated version of FDI. Please use this one. The difference came from the applied price for the calculation.

    1. PRC_Ehlers_FDI.itf

    Okay, made some cosmetic changes and now we have a perfect match to the MetaTrader Setup!

    Now for the fun part, coding the strategy along with it’s rules!

    Will hopefully have it ready later tonight…

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    Good luck! 😆


    Update! I’m 90% there and so far so good. Just need to build in this exception to rule 5:

    If we are below the 200MA and below or in the cloud (and also above Tenkan-Sen and Kijun-Sen) and condition 1-2 is validated but we have a strong close above the Bollinger Band with a Bollinger W-Bottom structure taken out, take a long position and use the 200MA as the target. Use a close below Tenkan-Sen as a stop. The opposite would apply for short positions.
    Getting late so might have to continue tomorrow.
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    Firstly apologies for the delay, I had a couple of other matters requiring my attention.

    So I finished coding the strategy and then proceeded to test it on different markets and timeframes (Sticking to the 4Hr TimeFrame).

    The first issue I encountered was that of price being quoted differently between different forex pairs and indexes.

    I overcame this by creating a variable that can be optimized per market called ‘DigitFactor’ in Line 5

    Secondly, I have found that the FastEMA must also be optimized for different markets for a value of either 6, 7 or 8

    Other than the above optimization is technically not required, but I will experiment with optimizing the Default parameters of the three Ehlers indicators.

    Below is two examples both configured exactly the same (FastEMA = 6), USDJPY (Spread: 0.8) and US Crude (Spread: 5)


    1. Advanced-Trend-Trader.itf

    So after another day of testing and coding, I made some more enhancements to the above.

    I added additional criteria to identify weak signals and I also replaced the second Indicator with Ehlers latest Sinewave indicator and I also replaced the Fractal Dimension Indicator with Ehlers Hurst Coefficient.

    Thank you Nicolas for all your help!

    I won’t be posting every iteration of this strategy, but if you are interested you are welcome to contact me.


    So perhaps just an update on this strategy:

    I have been keeping an eye on it since my last post (5months ago) and the edge so far appears to remain valid. Attached are the results for USDJPY and US Crude for comparison against the previous ones. I have submitted the strategy including the changes I made on 19/08/18 to the library for approval.



    Thanks a lot, the strategy is now available in the library  (and with a nice and complete description thanks to you) here: Advanced Trend Trader

    Good job! I appreciate a lot.


    Thanks, Nicolas, I appreciate the kind words, the automated PRT version of this strategy would not have been possible without your help


    Dear Juanj,

    I read this thread a couple of times and have difficulties finding the code for the indicators that your final version of the “Advanced Trend Trader” -strategy uses. Can you pls single out the codes for the indicators in a reply? Thanks!



    Hi Mags, my apologies. We decided to log separate requests for each of the indicators:

    When you install the ITF of the Advanced Trend Trader strategy (found in the library) you will also automatically have the following indicators installed:

    • Ehlers Even Better Sinewave (used in place of the Ehlers Inverse Fisher Transform of RSI)
    • Ehlers Hurst Coefficient (used in place of the Ehler Fractal Dimension)

    Great, thanks a lot!


    Hi again Juanj!

    I actually have need for some more clarification.

    The last two indicators you refer to – Ehlers Even Better Sinewave and Ehlers Hurst Coefficient do not seem to be quoted here in ProRealCode? Maybe these are your own developments, but if they are ok to share please do!

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