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    Hi Folks

    I am trying to achieve the following:

    BaseNumber = 2

    Exp1 = (BaseNumber)^1 (i.e. 2)

    Exp2 = (BaseNumber)^2 (i.e. 4)

    Exp3 = (BaseNumber)^3 (i.e. 8)

    How do I code it using the EXP() function in ProOrder???



    I don’t really understand what you try to do. EXP() gives you e^(the number in the brackets). So your base number (from your example) is not 2 but e=2.178….


    This formula is used like

    exp(2) : is 2×2 = 4

    exp(3) : is 3×3 = 9

    exp(a) can only do ^2, for your example you would idealy have a math formula syntax exp(b,e) which accepts b=base and e=exponent.

    But you could try whether exp( exp(2) ) works.


    I’m sorry but what you describe is just the square of a number. EXP() gives you the exponential function! It is e^(x) and this is approx 2.178^(x). Look at the pic attached. Here you see e^1=e=2.178…



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    (PS: added the return line just to display it in ProBuilder, but obviously if this is to include in a ProOrder piece of code you’d get rid of the return line)

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    @despair that’s the Euler number (DE: die Eulersche Zahl, sowas wie Pi für Logarithmus) and that’s why Noobywan has log(basenumber).


    That’s what I was saying… 🙂

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