how to use the characteristics of heiken ashi candles.

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    Good morning, thank you for the reply.
    I referred to what was written on the page
    where it says that the indicators can be calculated using the characteristics of the heiken ashi candles.
    I would like to do with ProRealtime what you can see in the attached images, taken from TradingView.
    As can be seen, the backtesting behavior is very different to the advantage of Heiken Ashi candles.
    Even with other strategies based on the closing and opening of the candles, there is a considerable difference in results between the calculation with the OHLC bar and Heiken Ashi candles.
    I tried as recommended, but perhaps there is a method to change the calculation of the indicators or Backtesting from OHLC bars to Heiken Ashi candles that I did not find in the manual.
    This is probably a new feature of the platform.
    I find this new function, described in the previous link, very useful and I would like to be able to use it in real time.
    Best regards


    I refer you to the comparison images that I posted in the previous post.

    Sorry for the forgetfulness



    Hi Roger,

    This is a new feature in V12… do you use V12?

    Yes, I use v12.0 –,
    but I can’t find instructions for using Heikin-Ashi features in strategies.
    Even if I use once xOpen = open xClose = (open + close + high + low) / 4 if barindex > 0 then xOpen = (xOpen[1] + xClose[1]) / 2 endif xLow = min(low,min(xClose,xOpen)) xHigh = max(high,max(xClose,xOpen)) to define the Open-Close functions with OHLC bar graph or Heikin-Ashi, I get the same results.
    In TradingView the positions of the arrows in the two conditions are very different, because the strategy algorithm is affected by the different Open and Close values. I would like to achieve the same thing in ProRealtime.
    Regards Roger.JPS


    another check


    If you use Xopen/Xhigh/XLow and Xclose for your calculations, they will be performed on the heikin ashi data.
    On the other hand, orders are always placed on classic chart data, which is the reality of the market.
    Without more info about the code, it’s not possible to help more than that.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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