How to test intraday scan on a past date

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    I want to develop a scan who select stocks based on intraday criteria, for instance a pattern on a 5 minutes chart and I want to test it on a past date.

    How can I specify to the intraday scanner  the specific date in the past to run the scan, different from the default latest market day?

    For instance if I see the signal conditions appeared on stock X last Wednesday at 14:10 on a five minutes candle I would like to be able to specify Wednesday date to the scanner and check that the stock gets actually selected at that time.

    I can easily select the time of the day and it works fine on last day data, but I do not know how to specify a different date in the past.

    To select the time to test the filter on last market day, knowing there was a signal on a 5 minutes candle starting at 14:10, the code is:

    TIMEFRAME(5 minutes)

    EndTime = 141500

    If (Time < EndTime) THEN

    Filter = <your filter on pattern>


    SCREENER[Filter](DAY AS “Date”)

    This works fine on default latest market day.

    I would expect there should be an environment variable to place at the beginning of the code that allows to specify a different date to run the scanner.

    Thanks for any suggestion!



    ProScreener can only work live!

    To scan past data you should use either a strategy (ProOrder) or an indicator (ProBuilder).

    Just convert your screener code to ProOrder/ProBuilder and you will be able to see what you want.



    Excellent – Thank you very much for the prompt response.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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