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    How do I save a chart in pro real time  – the help video refers to an icon in the lower left corner of the screen  – I cannot find this icon.



    Bit more on this: The video was about saving a picture of the chart, not the chart and all its indicators and lines etc.  Guess that feature went away. Maybe not,

    So, in more detail, my problem is: When I save my workspace it does not save the charts  – I recreate them by selecting the right instrument and candle timing – it then will remember all the lines and indicators OK – so some uncertainity for me there  – do not understand the behaviour.

    Also, I cannot find a way to have two charts that use the same instrument and candle timing.

    All beginer problems I am sure.


    Have you tried File  > Save As … then give your Template a name ?


    Thanks for the reply – Yes I have heard of and read about templates, but the help seems to say I find them between “Objects” and “Options” on the main file menu.  On my version there is no “templates” on the menu and Options seems to be called “Settings”.  So loosing confidence in the help images unfortunately.

    Help says a template saves charts and how the screen is laid out, but I haven’t found how they relate to the “workspace”.


    Did you try File > Save As … workspace is mentioned there also.

    Seems Templates might now be called Workspaces??


    Thanks again that worked – Is there an up to date manual that can be trusted or is it all forums now do you reckon?



    I reckon it’s best to get an overview via the manual and then post on here if anything doesn’t ring true.

    Have you enabled your Demo Account? You can check things out on Demo and make changes to settings without worrying that you are messing up your main Live Trading Platform.

    There’s supposed to be an updated manual for Version 12 sometime soon we hope.  V12 has been in beta version for well over 12 months I think.



    Thanks again here – much appreciated.

    Yes I do use a demo account as well as the live trading.  Look forward to V12 then.



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Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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