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    As Constant Volume candles are not available for ProOrder, i tried to work on a code to develop an indicator that could be used to place orders through a ProOrder Strategy. However, i couldn’t make it work.

    It seems to not display the candles properly, therefore i must make mistake in the candles parameters calculations but i can’t find the solution.

    Here is the draft i started, can anyone help me to make that work properly ?

    Thanks a lot in advance !



    Hi @Fabienmi,

    I think the “Constant Volume Candles” are present in PRT, because you have the option to select a time frame which is not based on time but on (equal) volumes…

    Go to “TimeFrame” in your graph and select “10k volumes”…


    Hi JS,

    Yes i actually already use that for manual trading. The reason for this indicator is that auto trading doesn’t work with constant volume candle, so i need to rebuild an indicator to make it work.


    Hi Fabien,

    That’s right, the non-time related timeframes don’t work with pro-order…

    Do you think your indicator will work with pro-order…?

    (A “good” indicator for this will have to be based on “tick-data” which is also not time related…)


    I have tried it before and it works.

    In your chart, e.g. open nas chart with 12500 volume candles, then backtest/deploy your algo, it will run on that. At least it used to before.


    Please ignore my post, it isn’t working


    As far as I know, it’s impossible to reproduce this constant volume indicator using a linear unit of time, which is the only choice available in autotrading.
    It is the principle of this indicator to be dependent only on volume and not on time.

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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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