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    Estimados colegas,
    Soy brasileño y me mudé a España.
    Llevo algunos años operando en la Bolsa de Valores de Brasil y uso la plataforma “Profit Pro” (empresa Nelogica), en esta plataforma hay un gráfico atemporal por evento, llamado “gráfico de puntos” (muy similar a Renko, pero no igual…), donde se pueden utilizar varios frames diferentes (ejemplos: 1P, 2P, 3P, … 10P, … 200P).
    He buscado en varias plataformas aquí en España, pero aún no lo he encontrado. Lo más cerca que estuve fue aquí en ProReal, pero hablando con el responsable de la empresa todavía no ofrecen esta opción.
    Me extendí demasiado, pero la pregunta es: Alguien de ustedes conoce o podría ayudar a replicar esta opción en la plataforma? Te dejo algunas capturas de pantalla para que las veas.

    Dear colleagues,
    I am Brazilian and I moved to Spain.
    I have been trading on the Brazilian Stock Exchange for a few years and using the “Profit Pro” platform (from Nelogica company), and on this platform there is a timeless chart per event, called “chart by points/ticks” (very similar to Renko, but not the same… ), where several different frames can be used (examples: 1P, 2P, 3P, … 10P, … 200P).
    I have searched on several platforms here in Spain/Europe, but I still haven’t found it. The closest I came was here at ProReal, but speaking with the person in charge of the company they still do not offer this option for traders.
    I went on too long, but the question is: Does anyone know or could help replicate this option on the platform? I leave you some screenshots for you to see.


    Nadie? 🙁


    a timeless chart per event, called “dot chart”

    You have posted in English Forum, but not in English Language so not many are even going to open your post.

    I am very curious so I did open it; I use Chrome web browser so all I have to do is rightclick > translate to English! 😉

    Tick charts are ‘timeless Chart’ … have you tried? Select as shown on attached.

    You can configure tick charts as dot charts if you want.



    Hi GraHal,

    Tks for you answear… As you can see, it is my first post here, so….. did it wrong.
    I will delete and write again in english.
    Regarding your suggestion, it is not the same graphic I need… I will look for the right name in english for the graphic, since the “free translation” seem not work properly…


    Tks again!


    Hi, I added your translation above, you may carry on in this current topic no need to open a new one.


    I added because in the picture enclosed is also an explanation wrote in spanish (in yellow). but Fine, hope someone can help me… tks


    I also have marked has “solved” this topic, can you pls change that, so everybody can see as open? Tks.


    I think you can re-set the topic to Not Resolved yourself ?

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    Nobody? 🙁

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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