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    I just checked the ‘Detailed Report’ on all three accounts that I use and it makes no sense at all.

    It appears that if you select ‘All Trading’ then it gives you the results of every trade that has ever happened on the account but if you select either ‘Manual Trading’ or ‘Automatic Trading’ it only gives you the results from a limited section of history (1500 trades I seem to recall – so only 750 buy and sells). If the information is there for ‘All Trading’ to display then why can we not be given it for the other two options? It makes little sense.


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    Not the case with mine … see attached with All Trading selected I get the yellow triangle warning that only 1500 trades are displayed.

    Is the account you show with IG or PRT?

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    it happens on accounts opened via IG and via PRT.

    I too get the triangle of doom telling me the results are worthless – but the numbers don’t add up! Do your numbers add up?

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    My numbers don’t add up logically … in the same way yours don’t!

    I am banking on all these anomalies being sorted with version 11, but I’ll not be surprised if the PRT techies have added all the bells and whistles, but the basics will still not be right?


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    but I’ll not be surprised if the PRT techies have added all the bells and whistles, but the basics will still not be right?

    No comment!

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    So might I ask a few nosey questions please? 🙂

    How many Systems are you trading to get the superlative overall equity curve attached?

    What changed in the red arrow area?

    What is the mix of Timeframes …. e.g. 6 x daily, 2 x 4h, 1 x 5m

    Is attached Live or Demo?



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    Bit off topic – but prior to your red arrow was when I was running strategies to record spread at different times of the day to check if the spread we got was what we thought we were supposed to be getting. The tests slowly eroded away at the equity. Then I stopped the tests and started adding some strategies.

    On that account there are 22 strategies but only 14 have actually traded. There are quite a few MTF strategies. A lot of them are based on daily and weekly candles and include high risk averaging down but the most profitable so far has been an RSI2 MTF DJI strategy that trades on 5 minute time frame and has no averaging down, an MTF exit condition and checks trades every 24 hours and closes them if they are in profit. It has had 13 trades since I started testing it on 22 August 2018, a 100% win rate and a profit so far of £2924.70. Forward testing has so far matched the back test pretty well but 13 trades in 8 months is not enough for me to go live yet and I want to see a loser!

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