any method to play a soundfile or trigger alert with code

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    Is there any way to play a sound using coding wthen a condition is met?

    Alternatively any way to trigger an alert?


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    Nope, sounds can only be played by PRT predefined tools (screeners, ProBacktest, ….). Users have no instruction available to play sounds.



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    You can create alert with a returned value of your custom indicator by using the “alert tool” of the platform.

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    Thank you for suggestions, this is what Ive been doing, setting an alert on my custom signal but I would also like to have different sounds which a programatical function alert would allow.

    This is whats possible in SierraCharts with this function:    sc.PlaySound(“soundfile”,1,”message to display”);

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    Hi Nicolas,

    My indicator returns a value of 1 in order to trigger an alert but I cannot set the alert to stay ON so that it triggers every time the condition is 1. Also the option to only trigger on the bar close is not available, the alert window only lets me to choose “Real time”.

    Please could you help with this, are these options available?

    thnak you

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    It is indeed possible to trigger an alert on a previous bar, choose “previous period” or “period ago” in the alert settings window.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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