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    Hello. I’m new to Prorealtrader and have been testing and trying a lot for weeks. I trade a lot in stocks and options and work exclusively with price goals, you know, price targets given by, for example, the larger institutes such as Goldman Sachs or Moodies. So what I look for in Prorealtrader:

    1) I would like to add a column in my fund list that can indicate price targets, based on issued exchange targets, or when not available in Protrader is available based on calculated price targets from an indicator, such as a High Low indicator with the lowest price and highest price over a self in period to be given.

    2) Further studying I would like to add another column, witch is calculated in percent how far the calculated price target is from the current rate.

    3) Should this be possible, I would like an indicator, which, after using the Sreener on the then unfunded list of funds, shows me only those funds which, after a substantial drop, are on the outbreak, or which show a trend-twist after a sharp increase. There is no need for a complicated signaling or trade signal, because I exclude trading with options, so I choose by myself the right corresponding option series.

    To clarify the above I would like to mention a few current examples, based on Dutch shares:
    today, 10 June 2019, Fugro and Mittal are on the outbreak and Wolterskluwer on a sharp decline.

    Exchange rate Fugro 7.20 price target up 13.40 expected increase 74%
    Exchange rate Mittal 14 price target up 25.45 increase expected 80%

    Exchange rate Wolterskluwer 74.20 price target down 54.70 fall expected minus 14%

    So if I want to use the screener now (and that may be on real-time or end-of-day quotes), then Fugro, Mittal and Wolterskluwer should be shown.
    Fugro and Mittal in green colout en Wolterskluwer in red.

    Is this to realize in Prorealtrader, or perhaps only steps 1 and 2 and 3 do not, or 1 and 2 do not and 3 do? I await the answer in suspense.

    Greetings, FWtrader

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    Points 1/ and 2/, it is not possible to add multiple column (sorting column). But it is planned to be possible in a future version of ProRealTime.

    Point 3/ I did not understand very well what you want to achieve. You can of course use external indicator made with ProBuilder to look for condition to be tested by the screener.

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    Thank you for your answer, I have now added an attachment in which I can better show my wishes with images.

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