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    No, unfortunately I didn’t understand. 😉


    A handful of strategies run with me as a portfolio in the 10s TF with quite good success. But, it’s all price action stuff… market open, breakout range, daily breakouts or even pattern trading (where the signal comes from H1 or higher). So all things where you expect some volume or momentum and the price is going at least a bit in the right direction… and that’s where the 10s time frame comes in… with a trail. Works… as long as the trail is set up well.

    phoentzs,  I would whish I could understand what you are saying here. Next, my answer most probably would not be suitable for eyes other than yours (and GraHal’s) so  I wonder whether you could send me an email. I promise you the best unexpected surprise. Hint : your MA approach does work. 🙂



    No, unfortunately I didn’t understand. 😉

    hahahaha(ha), I did not understand as well. But that was yesterday. Today I do.
    It would be the best if we both had the very same to tell you (not likely but could be). “Has left the server” is related. Remember ?


    Eine Handvoll Strategien laufen bei mir als Portfolio im 10s TF mit recht gutem Erfolg. Aber es geht um Kursbewegungen … Markteröffnung, Ausbruchsspanne, tägliche Ausbrüche oder sogar Musterhandel (wobei das Signal von H1 oder höher kommt). Also alles Dinge, bei denen Sie ein gewisses Volumen oder Momentum erwarten und der Preis zumindest ein bisschen in die richtige Richtung geht … und da kommt der 10er-Zeitrahmen ins Spiel … mit einer Spur. Funktioniert… solange der Trail gut aufgebaut ist.

    phoentzs, ich wünschte, ich könnte verstehen, was du hier sagst. Als nächstes wäre meine Antwort höchstwahrscheinlich nicht für andere Augen als deine (und GraHals) geeignet, also frage ich mich, ob du mir eine E-Mail schicken könntest. Ich verspreche Ihnen die beste unerwartete Überraschung. Hinweis: Ihr MA-Ansatz funktioniert . 🙂

    Well, and where do we get our email addresses from without the posted address is deleted immediately? 😉
    What does Samam have to do with it?


    As a quick one :XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    I will remove this within 5 minutes.


    They make me curious.


    Is saved.


    I will remove this within 5 minutes.

    I failed doing that. But OK.
    (apologies to moderators)


    I sent you something.



    you don’t have to remove anything for which posting is banned. Simply DO NOT post any personal or forbidden data, as is clearly stated and that you have surely read about many times.

    Your behaviour is quite unfair for all other members abiding by the rules.

    Whenever you are uncertain about something you want to post, just contact the admin, BEFORE posting it.

    Thank you 🙂



Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)

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