Vostro – VST

Vostro – VST

The VOSTRO indicator is a trend indicator that automatically provides buying and selling signals. The indicator marks in a window the potential turning points. The indicator is recommended for scalping.

The Vostro indicator determines the overbought zones (value greater than +80) and the oversold zones (less than the -80 level)

BUY signal: The Vostro curve moves below the -80 level and forms a trough – Turnaround of the upward trend

SELL signal: The Vostro curve moves above the +80 level and forms a peak – Downward trend

(description found on the web, conversion from MT4 code by a request in the english indicator section).

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  1. Talero125 • 10/10/2017 #

    Hello! I would like to test the indicator Balance of power! The Balance of Power indicator measures the market strength of buyers against sellers by assessing the ability of each side to drive prices to an extreme level. The calculation is: Balance of Power = (Close price – Open price) / (High price – Low price)

    I found this code in internet but it doesn´t work in Prorealtime so I need your help please! Thank you very much

    study(“True Balance of power”)
    per=input(30, title=”periods for Emoline”, type=integer, step=1, minval=4)
    trhi = max(high, close[1]) //true high
    trlo = min(low, close[1]) //true low
    trop = close[1] //true open
    bop = 100*(close-trop)/(trhi-trlo) //True Balance of Power as percent
    lin= 1.5*linreg(bop, per, 0) //linear regression as emoline
    bgcolor(lin0?green:orange, style=columns) //plot BOP as columns
    plot(lin, title=”Emoline”, color=rising(lin,2)?blue :black, linewidth=3) //plot emoline as line
    hline(0, linestyle=line) //zero level

    • Nicolas • 10/10/2017 #

      Please open a specific topic in probuilder support forum.

  2. Talero125 • 10/10/2017 #

    I have just opened a new topic in probuilder support forum! Thank you

  3. swapping • 10/10/2017 #

    Bonjour Nicolas, comment doit-on modifier le code (ou ajouter la variable “style”) pour que l’on puisse sélectionner les signaux (achat/vente) en barre rouge et verte ?
    Par avance merci pour ce code qui offre beaucoup d’avantage


    • Nicolas • 10/10/2017 #

      Il faut changer la dernière ligne du code par :
      return ibuf108 style(line,2) as “Vostro”, 80 coloured(255,0,0) style(dottedline,1) as “level 80”, -80 coloured(255,0,0) style(dottedline,1) as “level -80”
      et sélectionner soit même les couleurs désirées directement dans la fenêtre de paramétrage de l’indicateur pour hausse/baisse

  4. swapping • 10/10/2017 #

    Merci beaucoup Nicolas, c’est mieux ainsi …

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