Moving average of the high and low

Moving average of the high and low

This indicator is kind of “Moving average” built over the last highest and lowest prices from over 50 periods. This is a good start for research of a trailing stop indicator idea or a trend trigger..

(indicator from the Kevin Britains archive).


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Nicolas Apply it on the price in the price settings window
Nicolas Les questions non liées à ce post doivent être posées sur les forums.
jacob78692110 Bonjour, quand je colle le code, l'indicateur n'est pas sur les prix mais il est la où se tr...
Nicolas Il faut l'appliquer sur le prix, en allant dans les paramètres du prix.
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Vonasi An update to this indicator with some improvements and new features can now be found here: ...
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Vonasi You can find the minor bug fix and new ITF file here:
JohnScher I've been looking for this for a long time! A very big thank you to you.
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Rocketship There seems to be a syntax error in the code.
Nicolas Code compatible only for ProRealTime version 11, it will not work for any prior version due ...
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Nicolas Dans les paramètres du prix, il faut choisir la mise à l'échelle basée sur le prix uniquement.
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