Gann HiLo activator

Gann HiLo activator

Developed by Robert Krausz, the Gann HiLo Activator is a trend-following technical indicator used to help determine the trend’s direction and to generate with-trend entry signals.

The Gann HiLo Activator is a simple moving average of the previous three periods’ highs or lows. Based on the moving averages logic, it is a trend-following indicator used to reflect the market’s direction of movement. Within the trading system we mentioned earlier, the Gann HiLo activator is responsible for generating entry signals, but also helps determine stop-loss levels.

  • Bullish Signal- When price is above the Gann Activator it shows that the trend is bullish and only Buy trades should be executed. In a bullish trend the Gann Activator uses the previous periods’ price lows for calculations.
  • Bearish Signal- When price is below the Gann Activator it shows that the trend is bearish and only Sell trades should be executed. In a bearish trend the Gann Activator uses the previous periods’ price highs for calculations.

Coded by request on forum.


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  1. maxxb • 12/31/2016 #

    vorrei sapere perchè nel suo grafico compare sul prezzo mentre a me compare a parte … 

  2. AleX • 12/31/2016 #

    Sul grafico principale accanto alla voce Prezzo (vedi in alto a sinistra proprio sotto l’area di lavoro) c’è una chiave inglese, se ci clicca sopra e poi preme “Aggiungi indicatore” l’indicatore prescelto verrà inserito all’interno del grafico. Cliccando invece sul menù contestuale indicatori gli stessi verranno inseriti al di sotto del grafico “Prezzo” 

  3. maxxb • 12/31/2016 #

    perfetto non lo sapevo …. 
    ciao grazie..   

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