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    what is your best Forex strategie from the library or other source ?

    I will try to test them all :
    1- EURUSD – a daily Timeframe simple trading strategy – Link / Losing strategy

    Best Reguards,


    2- End of Day” forex trading strategy for USD/JPY – Link  /  Losing strategy

    I have a question on this strategy, is it possible to Long and Short in the same time on ProOrder ?, because in the documentation I saw it’s not possible but they long and short in the same time in this code, line 32 and 33 :



    3-  A “harami” trading strategy code for Daily EUR/USD – Link / Losing strategy

    very funny, we call this strategy ? 🤣


    Ciao ZeroCafeine,

    Thank you very much for this project, it seems useful, especially for someone like me who is new here on the forum.

    It could be useful to test these strategies even for forex crosses and on timeframes different from those for which they were created: this way, maybe new and unexpected practical applications could be discovered!!

    In any case, thank you for what you will do.



    they long and short in the same time in this code, line 32 and 33 :

    No, a Long or a Short would be executed first … depending on ouverture – or + amplitude.
    ProOrder does not allow Long and Short at same time. This will be an IG requirement.


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    very funny, we call this strategy ?

    If we optimise 3 variables we can get attached … not too bad for free and can be used as a basis for further development / learning?


    This is the code from Doctrading. Yes, it works, but of course only in one direction.

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    Strategies from the Library need time spending on them – optimising.  Most Algos are several years old and times have changed since then … due to Covid, the War etc etc.

    Markets change weekly in my experience and so – years old – variable values may not work anymore. We need to be thankful that members have shared their Algos, Indicators and Screeners with us all?



    Yes it is what I read it is not possible to be long at the same time with ProOrder, but the problem is : if you open a position with a BUY fonction, if you open a position with the BUY function, you should normally close it with the SELL function, but in the documentation it is also well noted that the SELLShort function is like a normal sale if a Long position is opened


    So if I say no mistake there is a contradiction with these two functions (Buy and Selshort) :


    Let me use an example to show how the code works …

    if price is at 10 and time is >= 22:00 and time is <= 23:00, we decide …

    if price drops to 5 I will buy / go long (and make profit if price then rises after)

    if price rises to 15, I will sellshort / go short (and make profit if price falls after).

    Above is what the code is saying as conditions.





    can show me wich variable you optimise pls, even I don’t like the optimisation on the past, it’s like to ask the software : show me somethink nice and let me dream for the future (even the lockforward, I don’t like to use somehink I don’t totaly trust or undestand) ?

    also we can use USD/JPY Mini pls if possible like that we can compare result and work, and why you have in the ordinate price like 13,000 / 15,000, because I have 130 / 150 like 1 USD = 130 JPY, and also wich equity you use for start the backtest pls ?


    maybe if we want to talk about one strategy we can open one new thread for it ?for me that is the result with out optimisation on USD/JPY and USD/JPY Mini with 100 000 JPY as start equity with 1,5 pips of spread and the tick by tick mode

    you can see with an starting capital of 100 000 JPY on the USD/JPY, the result of equity is negative to -3900 😅



    can you show me an exemple when it’s working, maybe I did some mistake ?


    I don’t know this version. I know an EOD Yen version from the Doc in the TF M15, which I used myself a long time ago.


    Try this version.



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