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    Hi can anyone code me a high low weekly and daily indicator or help me to do it

    With Thanks



    Hi @flippingthefib

    You can use the standard indicator “Donchian Channel”…

    Donchian Channel works with:



    For example, if you use a time frame of 1 hour, you use for the period of a week:

    Period=24 x 5 = 120 (24 hours x 5 days)


    Thanks Js

    but is there a code i can put in for last weeks high low that goes into this week that i can use on the 15 min chart im just looking dor them 2 lines


    With thanks



    Try this…



    Sorry, you’d better use the following…


    That should work too.


    Thank You JS and Phontzs

    Thats what i wanted

    I wantes to back test my strat that if i sold at the high and buy at the low. But for some reason i cant figure out it keeps giving an error as attached

    any ideas

    With thanks


    Maybe some odd characters have been added unintentionally while editing or pasting code.



    More help please

    The code below i wanted to set the time for the 8 hours to be 22.00 06.00 and 1400 as the time

    But the come in on the chart as  00.00 08.00 and 16.00

    Can and how do i do this please

    With thanks to anyone who can help me


    But 8 hours is not a week… You have to choose the TF Week.


    Yes but i need a weekly high low which i have

    But i also need an 8 hour high low with the high low of the 22.00 06.00 and 14.00 timeframe

    But it gives me the high low of the  00.00 08.00 16.00 timeframe  can i change it and how

    With thanks to all who are helping


    You can’t change the date the candles are formed, it’s a choice of the broker.

    You can only tag them using a different time zone.



    Or do you mean something like that, a “High” and a “Low” starting at a certain time (in this case 220000 hours) …



    Thank you JS

    That is perfect

    Im trying to backtest but it keeps giving me an error as attacked for some reason

    Im buying at the low and selling at the high

    Im doing this in simpilifed creation. As know little about coding

    Any idea how to do this

    With thanks


    Can you show the code…?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)

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