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    I look at a 5 minute chart and want to build an indicator. One part of the indicator is based on the HULL MA direction. I can code for example: average [20] < average [20] [1] or close< average [20], etc.

    I cannot do this with the HULL MA. Can someone help me? The code I need is: hullma [100] > hullma [100] [1]


    Thanks in advance.




    You need to use below for the Hull MA



    With upcoming v11 you’ll have it as number 7 at

    and there could be also predefined instructions to refer it.

    As for now you can use existing code

    I suggest that you use extensively the native search box to find any possible reference to whatever concerns trading, provided it has already been discussed on the forum.


    Hello Grahal,

    Thanks but when I add it to the code it gives the following  error: define the type of moving average.

    Do I do something wrong?




    Do I do something wrong?

    Sounds like yeah as I have been using Hull MA  in lots of my own coded Systems lately and I don’t get that error.

    You sure you have below … with the square brackets and parenthesis correct and the (close) included??


    Of course you could just post you code on here and somebody would spot the error in a jiffy (maybe even me! 🙂 )

    EDIT / PS

    Or is that (Close[1]) … I still cannot remember these simple rules! 🙁 and not got Platform open, sorry.
    Good job PRT tells us when we are wrong! 🙂


    Below is the correct syntax



    Hi Grahal,


    Thanks again but I still get the message to define the moving average. In any case, i will try to work around it.




    I still get the message to define the moving average.

    What version PRT are you using?
    I am using v 10.3


    I seem to use v11.1?  Beta.


    Hello GraHal, Mert


    Same issue for me and I use V10.3



    Ah right well that will be why you are getting the define average message then as if you look at what Roberto said in his post above then in v11 the Hull average is 7 and there is no 8.

    EDIT /PS

    IN v 10.3 attached shows the averages options and  they start at 0 for Simple so 8 is Hull


    in 10.3, neither 8 nor 7 works on my side


    I use the function you describe to show a Hull  Average on my charts, but how to code it in Proorder??


    Well here’s an example, looks like I used the Simplified Creation tool to try out the idea and it worked as it has made £205 in the last 4 weeks over 13 trades on Forward Test.

    Looks like the Line 20 Sell condition C2  is redundant!? 🙂

    If you improve below or fancy posting your code then I look forward to seeing what you got!? 🙂

    EDIT / PS

    Maybe it was not so good as I just looked again and I had it stopped for 2 weeks. I made most of that £205 in one trade on Friday 7 June!


    I just backtested it and attached is the curve over 100k bars with a spread = 4


    interesting code

    On my side I coded smt with the simplified Creation I select a Hull Average as a condition

    here is the code created


    no difference with a “normal ” average

    Thks tough, I ll wait the v11

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