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    would it be possible to create a screener that reproduces the so-called “Launching pad setup”?

    It is basically a crossover of a combination of EMA and Moving Averages followed by a significative increase in volume.

    I enclose to pictures to illustrate what I mean.

    I guess it’s not difficult to code this screener, but I need to make sure to get it right, so your help would be definitely appreciated. Thanks!

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    Anyone? 🙂

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    I’ll make it asap 🙂


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    There you go, you can choose which way you prefer to spot a spike in volume, N times greter than the prior bar or N times greater than its X-period average (just swap comment slashes between line 15 and 17:

    If want to ONLY  when the alignment of the averages changes its status from 0 to 1, swap comment slashes between lines 19 and 21.

    1. Launching-Pad-screener.itf
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    Wow! Thank you very much Roberto.

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    Roberto @robertogozzi ,

    I still have one more question for you. You might have noticed that in this setup the volume increase does not occur at the same time of the crossover, it happens slightly later.

    Would it be possible to take this into account in your code? Thanks!

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    Try this one:

    At the beginning you may change N = 3 to any other value that suits you best.

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    Awesome! Thank you!

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    Hi @robertogozzi,

    I’ve just tested your code, and I noticed this last part. Can you please explain the difference between the two options? Also, this doesn’t seem to find any average crossovers which is the base of the launching pad setup. Thanks



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    There is no precise conditions to know in which order and when the MA/EMA should cross, this is a very “visual” setup.

    Try this version:


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    Thank you very much @Nicolas

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    I just rewrote my last code to accomplish your request:

    It should work much similar to Nicolas’, but my version REQUIRES that (despite the crossover may occur in a prior bar), the MA’s are still aligned currently.

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    Thank you very much for your help! @robertogozzi

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