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    Anybody else got this problem please …

    The (Demo) Pro-Order Running Systems Window is not showing Systems Trading but respective Systems are Trading as I can see them on the Chart and in IG Interface.

    I am on my 3rd or 4th email in a chain of emails with PRT Customer Service and they have not yet acknowledged there is an Issue.

    I sent a Help / Tech Support Ticket and ticked the box for PRT to access my code and of course the Tech Support Ticket pulls all screen shots of what I had open at the time I reported the Issue.  In response to questions from PRT, I then – to explain / illustrate the problem – had to send more Screen Shots (of Trading on Charts and Not-Trading on ProOrder Systems List) … it hasn’t helped because she seems even more confused now!

    I feel like giving up for the Summer (sell in May and Go Away) and hope when I come back the PRT Platform is all sorted!?

    Up to now I only have this Issue in Demo. I’ve all but given up Live Trading Bots and have none Trading currently anyway.

    Let me know if you have same Issue please?


    Sell in May and Go Away and come back on St Ledger Day!

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    Yes i ve got problems with demo


    Trade in ProOrderList Performance overvies 10 contracts

    Trade in Demo Acoount 1 contract


    it seems the deal truth function works not correct



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    lots of problem with demo

    system that open no trade when it should

    positions open and not showing in proorder list

    sometimes when checking proorder list it freeze and must be closed with task manager


    a bit offtopic, have you tried pia first?

    i saw this and thinking of try it on demo first


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    Eric, I use ‘IG Signals’ which includes PIA as a source of signals. I find the recommendations wrong as often as they are correct, but having said that my Timescales may be shorter than the signals are intended for?

    I find, in the main, that the Signals fail to take account of where Instruments are on Elliott Wave cycles.

    I just checked the various Tabs on the main  IG Interface, but I can’t see a direct link to PIA First. Are you talking about using PIA First outside of IG / Direct on the the PIA website? (I won’t add a link. Nicolas may not like it!?)

    Yes I think I will take a look, thanks for the prompt.

    If you do the Demo, let us know how you get on please?


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    In the new IG platform its “signals” (on the left) both pia and autochartist

    most of my tradingsystems i use in proorder are long only and as you say its probably “sell in may” and it could be useful with some short thinking?

    i like prorealtime and proorder and i am sure they will fix this issues soon and add new features as always, (ive been around since the beginning of proorder and years with prorealtime





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    Hey yes Eric, double thanks for the prompt, just had a quick look at the New IG Platform … looks good!

    I’ll do the Demo also (no reason not to! :)) a change is as good as a rest and a much needed break from all the niggles on the PRT Platform.

    PRT need to get their act together as we are clearly starting to look elsewhere?

    I guess we need to take any further comments on the  New IG Platform over to the IG Community Forum.


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    Please consider that ProOrder demos accounts from IG are hold and administrated by them, not by PRT.

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    Thank you Nicolas and how right you are (as always! :)) I just checked the email from address and yes it’s IG Trading Services who are replying.

    I just submitted another Tech Support Ticket for the same Issue … 16 Systems trading on Charts but only 4 showing as Trading in the Proorder AutoTrading window.

    The 1 System they were using  to investigate had exited the trade anyway so my 1st Ticket didn’t make sense. If they wait long enough I’m sure the same will happen this time?

    Can’t believe I am the only one getting this exact same Issue? I know others have said above that they have Issues, but seemingly they are other Issues?


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    Update … IG have submitted my Ticket to PRT.

    I’ll report back on progress


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    FYI, I heard that this problem has been solved for demo accounts. An update will follow for real accounts by the end of this month.

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    Hi Grahal 🙂

    yes I experienced similar error here

    I wrote to IG, and asked for it to be escalated to PRT. It suddenly stopped, and I am now error free, also it not displaying any false losses.


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    The problem i had with freezing and could not close prt was on one of my computers and after some “cleaning” and updating (the computer) it seems to work normal now

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