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    Hi Nicolas,

    How are you? i am KK Lim and I have a queries like to seek for your advise as follow.

    Kindly advise if I have a M5 strategy robots what time frame units I should use to run the back test or optmz. Now for M5 robots i am using 24000 units–>49000–>95000 total 3 different time frame to optmz my robots ,is this correct? For WFE test I am suing 70/30 Non-Anchor (5x) . Looking forward your advise. Good day. Thank you.



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    Topic split from where you first posted it, which was in breach of the forum rules in the yellow box: you posted it inside a probuilder topic (only for indicators, rule number 1) while it is about strategies which belong to proorder forum

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    If your strategy is made to be traded on the M5 timeframe, then your backtests and optimisation should be made also on this timeframe! The units you are using should be the maximum possible.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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