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    Hello everyone! 😊

    Im having a problem and I wonder if some of you smart guys have an idea to fix it?

    I have made a simple program that goes long if the price returns back to a price when a green bar open on the same price as the previous red bar was closing and then follows by a new green bar.

    Is there any way to save those values of StopLoss, BuyLevel and TakeProfit even if a new setup is coming before the price goes back to those levels? By now those values is changing as soon a new setup appears.

    Ive been trying with count a couple of patterns to save around 3 different levels. But it is always the last one who appeared that the program is buying with.

    It would be great to have the 5 latest patterns values saved until the price coming back there.

    Do someone have an idea how to make it work? Should I use time limit or the date fuction maybe?

    Hopefully you understand what im meaning even if its hard to explain with my bad English. 😊


    Heres the code and a picture that maybe makes it a little bit easier to understand.


    Thanks for any advices!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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