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    I have been looking and there seems to be no way to specify the value of a variable before it is run.    Therefore values are to be hardcoded and the strategy redeployed every time a new value is needed.

    Example: I want my strategy for the S&P to stop if price goes below 4000, and later in the day that value may change to 3950..

    Also I haven´t found any way to trace what a running strategy is doing, so it is a lot harder to debug.

    Are these features going to be available in ProRealCode at some point?


    Hello Victor,

    These features comprise of :

    1. Graph and GraphOnPrice commands;
    2. Forward Backtesting which runs synchronously with the Demo or Live system.

    Without showing the variable(-content-) data you see an example below. Hover with the mouse and the data appears. Example of that in the 2nd attachment, but it is messy and explanation is not relevant for this topic.
    Works also with Backtesting, which is what I actually did for the screenshots.

    Have fun !


    DanK U wel Peter,

    The forward testing solves the tracing problem.

    Hopefully in PRT version 12 there´s support for runtime variables and other features.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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