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    How can I display the averages e. g. last 1,000 days of


    based on the Dax with
    Open = 090000
    Close = 173000

    Kind regards

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    High and Low of the entire day of only High/Low between 090000 and 173000?

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    Yes, correct.

    open = 09000  high  low  close = 173000



    The thought behind it is the
    I want to average all open of the last x-days
    as well as the close of all the last x-Tades.
    same for the high and low

    these averages can then be set in relation to the open of the current day.
    This results in a statistical bandwidth, and it would certainly be possible to create a pivot of this statistical bandwidth.

    Perhaps one can draw conclusions about the possible course of the share price from this?

    And what’s more, can you do it just for single days of the week?
    So all the open, high, low, close for example of the last x-Tuesday?

    Can you program that or is such an indikator allready exist?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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