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    We are very happy to finally released our algos here on the marketplace.
    Get ready to hear yhis alot when you buy our algos:
    “Selfmarket excuteted. Exit with gains”
    At the present we have seven high-performance algos.
    • NA – WS 60M
    • NA – WS 15M
    • NA – NASDAQ 60M
    • NA – NASDAQ 15M
    • NA – EURUSD 15M
    • NA – DAX 10M
    • NA – CRUDE 15M


    You find our algos here:

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    Backtest for:

    • NA – EURUSD 15M
    • NA – DAX 10M
    • NA – CRUDE 15M
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    Great Algos

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    Weekly summary of Week 37 – Nordic algos
    Seven algos running

    • 87,18 % winning trade
    • Gain/loss Ratio: 3
    • 13 orders/day


    You find our algos here:

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    “another one” //dj khaled

    Week 38 summary of all seven algos

    Keep on winning


    • 79.31 % winning trade
    • Gain/loss Ratio: 2.14

    ————————————————————————————You find our algos here:




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    We just activated the trial on all of our systems, thanks @Nicolas.  Until the next month, anyone can request a free two-week trial.

    Amazing results every week. See the pictures

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    I think the EurUsd M15 is based a bit on my EMA-RSI … 😉 Do I get a discount to see it? 😉

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    Ur welcome to buy any algo of ours 😊

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    Could you please post pictures of live results with a minimum of 6 months data?

    Pictures of impressive backtests or with live results with small history is not very relevant when you consider to buy a strategy (at least not for me).


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    Well, I don’t want to be a spoilsport, but I think the Algo EurUsd and Crude is mine and the M15 Nasdaq with volume filter from Samsampop … I honestly find it a bit cheeky now.

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    Did you fork some of the algos available on the forums? People would like to know more about your strategies development I think 😉

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    Some algos are forks an snippets combined from grahls excell snippet collection. No algo is a a copy.

    Its free so setup any code here?

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    I don’t want to suspect anyone. Everything OK. I just want to say one thing: The strategies that are shared in the forums for the general public and that are improved by your own ideas can also be offered for sale. But actually they may be intended for private use. And if you improve it, you could also let the general public benefit from it. Just my opinion.

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    Our first month is over and we are more than happy with the overall result

    • 7 algos running
    • 114 trades
    • 71 % winning trades
    • Going/loss 1,94
    • 3300 € gain



    You find our algos here:

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    Live results from WS15

    Its a monster.

    Se attached picture

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