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    Good Day

    Does anyone know what to do when you are completely being ignored by ProRealTime support? @nicolas

    Myself as well as some of my clients who also trade with IG have submitted various emails to both IG and PRT directly since the start of last week but not getting ANY feedback at all.

    We have strategies running live taking trades in complete violation of the logic of the code.

    Backtest results on live as well as demo backtesting engines have completely regressed from what it used to be starting last week Monday.

    Affected strategies run on the South Africa 40 Cash market

    Clearly, something is up! Support tickets have been logged with IG but we are all still waiting


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    We have strategies running live taking trades in complete violation of the logic of the code.

    Please describe what is the problem as I can’t help without any details.

    What do you mean by “regressed”?

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    Hi Nicolas, this problem is connected to this issue:

    and probably also this one:

    Around last week Monday, when loading my strategies into the backtest engine (as I do about every other day) I noticed the following:

    1. The backtesting engine (especially on Demo) is taking 3 or probably even more times longer to load the strategies than it used to the previous week
    2. Some MTF strategies are no longer taking trades (i.e. they no longer work)
    3. The equity curve on others is completely different than what they used to be for many months
    4. The backtest results between the Live and Demo accounts now look completely different

    I have reached out to IG and PRT (especially about the parsing error that happens when trying to set one of the strategies Live), but I have had no feedback despite support tickets having been logged.

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    @nicolas did you receive my email sent Friday 17 May?

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    Yes, but I had personal issue. Let me check something about your report.

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    Since you are an IG customer, sometimes support tickets are not transferred or are delayed. PRT support technical issues about their platform, not about trading account with other brokers.

    Anyway, the parsing error should have been solved the 15th May as I heard, did IG give you that information?

    In your mentioned topic,  backtests dates are not the same, did you test with the exact same dates?

    I know that an engine update has been pushed in production on 7th May. If you can send your code to PRT support (or should I?), they could have a look if there are major differences or not, and why.

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    Morning Nicolas, yes I was informed that the parsing error was resolved a few days ago. But many of my backtests are still completely messed up so something definitely broke during that last update. If you could please send the code for the strategy I emailed you to PRT I would really appreciate it as I have already sent in a technical report and emails from my side with no reply whatsoever. This specific strategy no longer opens any trades nor generates a backtest.

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    Hi @nicolas, did you manage to send in the example of the code I sent you?

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    Yes, please wait for an answer. This is not the usual way to get support and since you are the only one people complaining about that difference, there is no generic answer, and therefore it needs further investigations.

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    Thank you Nicolas. I appreciate your help with this.

    I am not the only one experiencing the issue though as at least 3 other people I know have the same experience with the code. I believe this could potentially highlight a much more serious bug that crept in during the last engine update.

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    They experience it with the same code?

    For a better understanding, do you spot problems in where orders are opened and closed in relation to the conditions of the strategy?

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    That is correct. As previously mentioned, here is what I and others noticed around the 6th concerning our Multi Timeframe strategies on the South Africa 40 Cash market:

    • Backtests now easily take more than 3 times longer to load. This looks to potentially be implying that the way in which the code is being evaluated changed.
    • Backtests no longer track live performance and logic of the code like it used to
    • The strategy I sent you no longer opens trades (it also doesn’t produce a backtest), which it used to do. The logic is valid and should be producing trades.

    What these strategies have in common is they both utilize MTF and they both run on the South Africa 40 Cash market

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    The logic is valid and should be producing trades.

    I have not checked the code. Did you graphed all variables? Are you sure there is no division by zero somewhere? Any null period or negative ones for any indicators?

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    As mentioned the strategy worked and backtested fine for months and then all of a sudden stops producing trades. It is obviously not possible to graph anything if no trades are opened. But to answer your question I have dissected the code in order to try to identify which parts are now failing but not having any success.

    I did use the graph feature on the other MTF strategy still produces trades but now in a completely different fashion than before and found inconsistencies with the arithmetics of the graphed variables. This strategy is much more complicated and I, therefore, decided to rather send you the simpler one no longer producing trades.

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    Hi Nicolas, just wanted to follow up on whether you had some success in hearing back from PRT regarding the issue?

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