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    I would like to modify the Fibonacci indicator into other different numbers. Is it possible to modify in Prorealtime platform ? Please tell me how, Thanks. Jim

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    1. draw fibo into chart
    2. use configure icon
    3. click on line value which you want to change
    4. change ration number
    5. (maybe click take this as standard)
    6. close
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    Thanks very much  AVT. It works and I also save it as default. Much appreciated….Thanks again. Jim

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    Rectangular drawing tool inProRealTime Platform

    I am using the rectangular drawing tool in ProRealTimePlatform. However, there are no price labels. Is it possible to modify so that the price levels can be shown on each rectangular box ? Alternatively, is there any box indicator with price levels shown? Thanks for help. Jim

    1. Rectangular-drawing-tool-inProRealTime-Platform.docx
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    You can miss-use the ruler for it:

    1. choose ruler
    2. draw a diagonal line from the lower left end of your wanted rectangle to the upper right end
    3. open configuration for the ruler you created
    4. (you may turn off the (2nd in row) Main line, that’s the diagonal one
    5. leave the ones for horizontal line and vertical line
    6. make sure that you mark the “show value on y-axis”
    7. (set configuration as default if you like)

    Picture attached

    Hope that will do the job for you.

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    Thanks very much again  AVT. First time I learn to use the ruler.

    I asked the same question to ProRealTime Team, I am surprised they do not have the same knowledge like you. The replied message is :

    ” Thank you for your suggestion concerning price labels to be added to rectangular drawings. I have transferred your email to our product management team for future consideration.
    We regularly add features to ProRealTime based on ideas suggested by our users. You can see the new features added in the latest version of ProRealTime here: ProRealTime v10.3 new features Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.Best regards,Ulrike Gossmann”

    Anyway, it works now for me.  Much appreciated….Thanks again. Jim


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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