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    Dear All,

    I just found this indicator on Tradingview code (Pinescript) that I found interesting:


    I would be interested in evaluating the outcome of this indicator on Prorealtime

    I attached the following files:

    1. file with the screenshot from Tradingview in which I applied this indicator to PPL Corporation stock (daily)
    2. file with the Pinescript script

    I hope that I correctly understood the forum rules and I did not mess up anything with this request, since it’s the first time I write a request on this forum.

    Thanks to anyone would like to take the chance of having a look to this request

    Best regards


    1. MACZVWAP-modified.docx
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    So that’s the MACD of the Z-score of a VWAP and with a Laguerre smoothing. I will try to look at that today. Thanks a lot for the nicely formatted code translation query! (would be better with a short description, but the original author doesn’t give any, so that’s ok for this time 😆 )

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    The MACZVWAP indicator is available in the library.

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    Looks to me a bit like 2 oscillators overlapping. Black line and the histogram.
    After a rebuild into a strategy, can you measure how the success is when the two oscillators are furthest apart?
    The same question arises with me also with, Didi indicator, have it there with abs (DDL-DDS) tried. With moderate success after optimization.
    And here and or again there in a flawless programming?

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    This indicator seems interesting a priori, everyone will put the values ​​as they please, personally I set faster parameters.

    Would it be possible to have the same code with the signal on the price graph

    Thanks, have a good day

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    I also would like to have the same code with signal on price graph.
    Thanks 🙂

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    J’ai fai ça, j’ai mis une moyenne pour que ce soit plus lisible ce qui lisse le signal évidemment
    bons trades

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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