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    I am concerned with the question of how investor behaviour behaves.

    In a simple code below, I have found with the 4H timebase that Monday morning investor behavior is different than Tuesday morning, compare the attachments.

    If I set the time base to 4H, the result is much better.

    I have the assumption that on certain weekdays and weekdays people have different investor behaviour at certain times.

    I’d like to use that in trading.
    So I wanted to ask whether someone here, or someone else, has an indicator or is able to program an indicator that, similar to the seasonal patterns from the Pathfinder system, reflects the timebased patterns during the week in investor behavior.


    P. S. The main code is the “negative”, i. e. the short version of the “DailyOpenLong”, which lives from the RepulseStop in a way that is not generally recognized.


    First : Storm with timebase, german time, gmt +1, Dax 1 Euro 4H

    Second (next post): Storm without timebase, german time, gmt +1, Dax 1 Euro 4H


    Please check it yourself.







    Translated with




    And here without timebase




    Weren’t the … seasonal patterns from the Pathfinder system taken … taken from a website? I cant recall the website name now.

    You can put Times in the Optimiser you know?


    PS Here’s a bit on Time of the Day re EurUSD


    Investors don’t like Monday’s – always keep in mind. So you’re on the right path my friend.



    Some days of the week are busier than others, some days of the month are busier than others and some hours are busier than others. If you put yourself in the mind of a professional trader then you will see repetitive behaviour.

    Monday – ‘Think I’ll just sit back a bit and see what the markets are doing before getting in’.

    Friday – Think I’ll just close down my positions for the weekend just in case’

    Last Day of Month – ‘Think I’ll cash in so my account looks good and I’ll get a big bonus’

    Market Opening – ‘Think I’ll just do a few stop raids and see what I can pick up before lunch’

    Market Closing – I don’t want to hold some of this riskier stuff overnight while I’m sleeping so I’ll sell up and get back in tomorrow’.

    Lunchtime – ‘Forget the trading I’m hungry so I’m off to the bistro’

    Asian Hours – ‘All the big players are asleep’

    and so on……

    Whether it helps to make profits I’m not sure. I think probability and risk management have more chance on their own – but then there is no point trading a market that isn’t moving because everyone is at lunch I guess.

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    LOL Vonasi – perfect summarized !


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