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    Hi guys


    I need help to create an indicator that says when it´s time to enter a trade. Exit will be handled manually. I want the indicator to

    say go LONG, when close >EMA11, EMA11 > EMA22, EMA22 > EMA35 AND MACD[12,26,4](close) < MACDline[12,26,4](close).

    And go SHORT when close < EMA11, EMA11 < EMA22, EMA22 < EMA35 AND MACD[12,26,4](close) > MACDline[12,26,4](close).

    Thanks in advance



    I can’t recall ever doing an Indicator before, but below will give you a ‘1’ when Buy Conditions are met … see attached.

    You can then set an Alert that will email you so you can then Buy manually??



    indicator that says when it´s time to enter a trade

    Or are you wanting the Indicator to speak to you (say Go LONG)?

    You can do this by recording a .wav file and using this .wav as the Alert instead of the inbuilt PRT voices / alerts.


    Thank you GraHal. This is just what i needed.

    I have one other question. Is it possible to enter a trade in real time. I mean, f.ex. when two lines are crossing, the trade should enter in exactly that moment. Not waiting for the candle to close.

    If it´s possible, how do I define this in the code?



    If you mean on the PRT Alerts … then you would tick the box – ‘Current Candle’

    If you mean on Auto-System … then you would need execute trades on a Low TF – 5 secs or 15 secs maybe having had the conditions running on whatever TF you choose – 1 hour, 4 hours etc.

    MTF however is not available in Live running yet, or it may be if you ask IG to switch MTF on for you!?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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