How to refresh the detailed report when modifying the TF?

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    e. I changed a Parameter and ran the backtest. TF was still set to 30 seconds. One new Result list line shows. I did not click that. Now new Stats form appears automatically (as expected).
    I forgot to let the Parameter vary. So I changed that now so 11 different iterations will occur.
    SS1 shows on the last line the result of the very first backtest as done under a.
    It shows on the second line the result without the varying Parameter. The first line shows the last backtest with varying Parameter.
    I could now change the TF of the chart and hope for something, but it probably will kill my test or possibly influence it. So instead I now open the treeview of the last result. SS2 reflects that.

    f. Only the last line of the result of the last backtest is different. I click that line. This will trigger the showing of the belonging Stats form. It does indeed, see DD3.

    g. I now change the TF to 1 minute. Et voila per SS4.


    h. I now click the 2nd line in the Result list, which shows the same result as in the first sequence with the notice that this result never showed in the Result list in this first sequence (a, b, c, d) because I never explicitly backtested it. Thus, 2nd line now as you see in SS1.

    i. There we are again per SS2. What remains is the crucial thing :

    j. Change the TF to 1 minute. Hard to believe, but it works. See SS3.

    k. 10 seconds does not give any traded, and 5 seconds shows in SS4.


    Unless I did not understand it, this does all what you would expect of it. It’s only that I myself never expected this to work and with that also never tried it. Plus I had no reason. Still, because one very good result came from this at 30 seconds, I of course now feel that I do have a good reason. Sort of, because no changed TF will ever bring coincidental good results. But this is with my systems.
    Anyway I like to thank altrading, because it was his idea, never mind it emerged from coincidences because it coincidentally worked at first for him. So altrading, I hope that this now helps you to get it done again.


    Shoot, nice numbers you got there, congrats ! Glad I could help 😁


    I feel like I mispoke and made things even more confusing, when I mentionned modifying the TimeFrame I was talking about the numbers of units (100k bars to 200k bars) not m1 to s30 to s5.. So this make this discovery even more coincidental 😁

    I always heard that you might need to have luck to find a good working system, and that good discoveries came from mistakes or when you weren’t looking for them

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Viewing 3 posts - 46 through 48 (of 48 total)

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