How can I use Dynamic stop loss with my Code?

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    Even if I understand what you want ask to us with your title, please describe it in your post content next time.

    You have to remove all SET STOP TRAILING of your initial code and copy/paste Roberto’s code at the end. It should operate correctly this way.

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    Is the Terminus Indicator available anywhere please?

    I’ve searched in the Library on here and on MarketPlace, no success.

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    I have done as you said but it opened the position without setting any stop loss as you can see, how I can fix that please.


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    Do not embed files of any kind in your post, as this slows down loading the pages.

    Use the attach button only.

    Thank you 🙂



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    When any code is not really huge (hundreds of lines), it’s advisable to copy and paste the code (along with the ITF file, if available). Thank you 🙂

    This your indicator:

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    Hi Roberto,

    I’m not after the Terminus indicator, I’m after your dynamic stop loss, it doesn’t work with my code as shown in the figure attached, could you please advice.

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    Yes, but to test it we needed the code.
    It may work while backtesting, not in autotrading, as the trailing stop seems too tight.
    Post details about any issues you have experienced with the above code.

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    Hi Roberto,

    It seems that this dynamic stop loss works only when the price is above breakeven level, but it doesn’t provide protection initial stop loss and and then trail, is there a chance to add protection stop loss and then work as dynamic??


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    This is not a STOP LOSS, your strategy needs to take care of that.

    It’s a trailing stop, so it starts working AFTER having gained at least trailingstep pips (at the closing of the bar).

    Keep SET TARGET pPROFIT and replace SET STOP pTRAILING with SET STOP pLOSS (usually TP is at least 1.5+ times the SL).



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