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    Hey Nic,

    Could you kindly convert Haos Visual indicator for us into PRT please?
    It’s a good indicator for spotting reversals!

    1. HaosVisual_mod.mq4

    Hi Dimi, in order to help you find good reversal price levels 🙂 , I successfully translated this metatrader4 code to prorealtime, you can know find this indicator code and file to download in the library.

    Haos Visual indicator to spot reversal.

    It’s built with 2 Williams Percent Rank (WPR) indicators of different periods. Since this indicator is already used to spot overbought and oversold areas, I believe it could be useful for mean reversion trader like you seem to be. Good trades to you.


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    Thank you with all my heart mate!! 😀


    Hey Nic, sorry I forgot to ask for your settings so we can set it up as it appears in your screenshot.
    Could you kindly give us the visual settings? When I load the indicators they come up as just lines and I have to manually change them into histograms but I can’t work it out.

    This is what I get when I load this one (and all other indicators).


    Hello everybody! Many thanks to Nicolas for coding such an interesting indicator. However, googling the web for interpretation, it seems that the main strategy is based on the Spearman Rank Correlation indicator (https://www.forexstrategiesresources.com/scalping-system-iv/470-haos-visual-strategy). Then, it would be great having that source code SSRC.mq4 originally developed for mt also available for the PRT platform. Any help would be really appreaciated. Thanks in advance.


    Please retry to upload the Rar archive, it was previously not allowed. Many thanks.


    Thanks Nicolas. I tried again to upload the  rar archive but it seems I can’t. Anyway the file Haos strategy.rar can be downloaded using the link https://www.forexstrategiesresources.com/app/download/10049680921/Haos+strategy.rar?t=1435835860.

    Sorry about that. Thanks again for your help.


    Hello everybody! Following my previous posts it seems that the main strategy using HAOS Visual Indicator is based on the Spearman Indicator (as described here http://traders.com/Documentation/FEEDbk_docs/2011/02/TradersTips.html#TT1 ). Source code of the Spearman Rosh inidcator (SSRC.mq4) was originally developed for mt and it can be found here https://www.forexstrategiesresources.com/app/download/10049680921/Haos+strategy.rar?t=1435835860 . I reckon that it would really  great to have such and indicator also available for the PRT platform.  Any help would be really appreaciated. Thanks in advance.


    the rar file has the following structure:

    • ExtremeTMA info 040.mq4
    • haos strategy.tpl
    • HaosVisual_mod.mq4
    • SSRC.mq4
    • SSRC_MTF.ex4

    subfolder KeyLeveslIndicator – experts – indicators

    • Key Levels.mq4
    • Key Levels.ex4

    mq4 Files attached. Hope this helps.

    1. ExtremeTMA-info-040.mq4
    2. HaosVisual_mod.mq4
    3. SSRC.mq4
    4. Key-Levels.mq4
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    Thanks AVT. The focus is actually on converting the Spearman indicator originally developed for Metatrader (file SSRC.mq4) into PRT, but as far as i know such an indicator is based on sorting arrays thus it seems to me quite hard to find a way out…. Let see if Nicolas or someone else will be able to help us.


    Because we cannot know in advance how much variables are necessary to make the rankings, we must use arrays and without this capability in the programming language, it’s almost impossible I’m afraid. If someone has an idea, please share 😉

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    Thanks Nicolas. I’ve been looking through the codes of Spearman indicator at this link . It seems that N=10  is a typical number of bars used for ranking. If someone does konw of any way of sorting easily 10 variables without using arrays then the effort of coding such an indicator could be worthwhile. Thanks again for your help.

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