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    Hi all,

    According to page 9 of the screener manual:


    We should be able to, if I understand correctly, add extra criteria which will show up as columns in the results.

    “Use multiple filter criterias
    The screener allows you to define multiple criteria as filters in your code to display additional values in the
    results window. This also allows you to change the filter criteria without modifying your code.
    Filter criterias within the SCREENER instructions will have to be separated by commas.


    SCREENER[c1](Criteria AS “OBOS”,Criteria2 AS “buy/sell”,number AS “Format Number” DATEFORMAT)

    For example, if I had this final line below:

    SCREENER[output <> 0](output as “readout” STRINGFORMAT, pDayHigh as “Prev DHigh” STRINGFORMAT, pDayLow as “Prev DLow”)

    I would expect to see 3 columns in the Screener output window i.e. “readout”, “Prev DHigh” and “PrevDlow”, however I only see the column for “readout”.

    Am I doing something wrong?




    The multi criteria columns for ProScreener is available only from PRT v12.


    Hi Nicolas,

    Yes I believe I am using v12



    So it should work straight away! ❓

    Can you right click on the name of the columns in the ProScreener results window and see if the columns are hidden? (not checked).


    I right click on the column area and go “configure this area”. Under the “Screener” section I only see the first item in my criteria list and then “Time Added”. That is all. My other criteria are not there.


    Perhaps I have a bad install. Are there extra remnants of v11 that I should delete before I re-install v12?


    Any other ideas appreciated. This feature would be very helpful, especially with debugging scripts!


    Seems to be fixed now, thanks!


    Spoke too soon. Seems to allow me to add two of my own criteria. But excludes anything after two criteria. Better than before at least.

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    Spoke too soon again 🙂 It seems one query will show the two criteria, but another shows only one. Must be some kind of very specific but related to what I’m doing.


    Could you please share us an example of a code that don’t give 2 or more columns as criteria?


    I think you guys might have fixed it in a patch. When I add screener options such as the below, I see the corresponding checkbox appear under “Displayed values” in the screender editor now. And if I tick them on and off I see the columns appear in the screener output window. Excellent! Just what I wanted 🙂 Thank you! If this doesn’t work in a specific case again I will let u know.


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Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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