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    Is there any code available for drawing a simple horizontal line across a chart, based upon the close of a candle at a set time each day? For example, a horizontal line at the close of the 1pm H1 candle  on the Dow? The line would need to ‘expire’ (delete itself) when the next days line is drawn.

    Many thanks



    I think this code should work correctly for this purpose:



    Thank you, Nicolas.

    Much appreciated.



    When I try to plot this indicator on a separate pane it plots a 0, when plotted in main pane nothing appears.  Any suggestions?  Thank you.



    Because the separate don’t adapt automatically its scale with plotted object like horizontal line. If you change the last line of the code with:

    it should adapt itself automatically.

    Why it doesn’t show on the main pane? .. be sure the instrument has quote at time it saves the value (1 pm in the code).


    Thanks Nicolas. That works, just as the original one works.

    I wish to plot the Open, High and Low of the first 30 minutes of trading and want it to be displayed on a 5 or 10 min chart. Is this possible?

    Also, I wish to plot yesterday’s Open, High and Low on continuous data ie will have to be able to specify open hours and should also be able to display in various time frames.  Is this possible?

    I realize the requests are much more than the original topic – would it be preferable to start these requests as separate ?

    Thank you.





    Yes it’s possible, please open a specific topic for this new query.


    hi @nicolas,


    is it possible add a variable to this? where i can change the time adding a variable??


    i mean if i want to change the time easily 130000 to 150000


    Yes you can store a time in a variable, it’s nothing more than a number 🙂




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    hi @nicolas,

    thanks for getting back.. what i meant was.. adding two lines on the chart one at 130000 and one at 150000. and a way to switch those times (add on the variables- like tick or untick) so we can either see two lines on the chart or we can untick to see one?!?! tried below but its a big failure!!



    Ok, here is the modified code for that purpose:(draw0 and draw1 boolean variables been introduced)


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    its only show one line.. not sure why. and boolean doesnt seem to work!


    That means if you set “draw0” to 1, it will plot the line. Set to 0, it will plot nothing. Same for “draw1” to draw or not the second line.


    hi nicolas,

    still stuggling to get the two lines it only show mytime0 on the chart and mytime1 doesnt show..

    please cant you see attached pic? is that the correct way to add  boolean???


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