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    I read Nicolas post ‘Candlestick patterns recognition’ (

    Could someone help to create this scanner idea I have.

    Trigger: Doji on 1 hr daily frame, that occur  within Daily pivot points (or in R2, R1, S1, S2 …etc). See image for example what I mean…


    Not even sure if it’s possible to do


    This example should be a sell signal, so I guess you also need the same for bullish signals too? (low of the Doji is crossing one of the pivots points?).


    That’s right Nicolas


    This is the code for your stock screener to find doji candlestick piercing pivots points (bearish signals when the high crosses one of the pivot points and bullish ones when it is the low of the candle).



    If I want to change the daily pivot to monthly or weekly . Do I just change line 6 to ‘month’ or ‘weekly’?

    If I want to combine another candlestick with Doji (i.e. bearish/bullish Hammer), what would the code be?

    I know this is pain in the a***, but I would be very much greatful.




    hi amigos, trying to pick up the coding here

    what amendments would we need to change a screener into an indicator? i am trying to identify a bullish signal as +1 (hammer, dragonfly doji, inverted hammer)  and bearish signal as -1 (hanging man, gravestone doji)




    Replace line 30 with:

    or, if you want signals 1 and -1:


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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