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    Does anyone know how to enable the information box you get when your mouse is higligting a candle bar. it is suppose to give “open , low , high , close etc”

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    Chart Settings (Spanner symbol on bottom right of chart) > General Tab > Display ‘Cursor details’ on chart windows

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    on my chart settings i only have these settings…

    coud it be that you need premium version?

    i have PRT trough IG

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    Abz Above is right click chart settings (?) you need to use the spanner / wrench as  AutoStrategis says but on mine it’s the spanner at the top and you will (eventually :)) see  the Display ‘Cursor details’ on chart windows.

    I’ve not got PRT Premium version, I’m through IG also.

    I say ‘eventually’ (above) because there are so many settings (which is good) but somehow they don’t seem intuitive re the tab the setting are on and even now (after nearly 2 years) I still flick from tab to tab trying to find what I want! 🙂


    PS Ill do a screen shot tomorrow if you’ve not found it?

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    Thanks Autostrategist and Grahal i got it now 🙂

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    CTRL+D ?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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