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    Here is a strategy copyed from here and adjusted for the brentcrude oil E1 5 min chart.

    Any sugestions or coments are welcome.

    Have not started it live  since I whant to test it in V.10.3 PRT for IG users:)


    1. Breakout-5min-BrentCrude-E1-1.itf

    Hi Kenneth

    I uploaded the itf file then launched the strategy in 5 min on the LCO Crude Brent

    I don’t have the same results as you, did I do something wrong ?




    I checked a bit the code and I see some differences between the comments and the code :

    // The position is closed at 9:45 p.m., local market time (France).
    DEFPARAM FlatAfter = 225500
    // No new position is taken after the candlestick that closes 5:15 p.m.
    LimitEntryTime = 154500//154500
    // The market analysis strats at the 15-minute candlestick which closes at 9:30 a.m.
    StartTime = 151500


    As french I have the time zone as you, why did did you mention 214500as comment and 225500 in your code ?

    Could it be the reason of the big difference in term of results ?


    Didn’t test it myself,  but check out spread maybe..


    I use a spread of 3 like IG does




    I dont kow why results are different. Is probably somtheing with the timeframe to do.

    I use 5 min chart 100 000units witch is max history for me.

    Spread is 3.

    STrategy starts 1515 and can not trade after 1545. (Norway local time)  this has to be adjusted to your time Reb. Were are you from?

    Position can be open to 21.45 or later, you can choose.

    It also has Nicolas mef stop code witch I know works good in live trading(no bugs)


    hi Kenneth

    As french, I think we have the same time zone


    Then I am sorry and dont.know why its a diffrence. I use mini brent crude e1 lco. I WILL check out the itf. File with a friends acc. Later and see if its same for him.


    Get the same results as Kenneth has. Picture attached.



    I don’t understand, I tested this strat on PRT complete and PRT premium

    I have the same results as I posted

    Where is the issue ?

    LCO 5min, spread 3, no modification on the code (pnly uploaded)


    Hi reb,

    I also had a different result on default settings.

    Try this code. I changed time and it did work for me.
    Let me know if it changed for you.




    My results are even better than Nicolas. But it has 6 ”0” bars. I don’t know if this is bad?



    Did you add spread? 0 bars trades are not a big problem if they are losers!


    thks alco


    now it works perfect


    Ok great! Spread = 3. I didn’t changed it from the original code.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 88 total)

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