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    Hi coders,

    I’m trying to create a ProScreener which alerts us in realtime and on the current candle of as soon as price touches the outer Bollinger Bands at a Standard Deviation of 3 on all 47 Spot FX Pairs.

    Is this correct? Please kindly test and edit it.

    1. Bollinger-Band-Deviation-3.itf

    Your code wasn’t good. In your case, you only want to test if the current high is superior to the upper band or if the current low is inferior of the lower bollinger band.

    Please find below the modified code that will give you the desired results:


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    Thanks bro it works perfectly. As soon as I used your code results appeared instantly 😀


    Hi Nic,

    Here is your version of the BB Touch Screener (see attached).

    Could you kindly assist by helping me with a small text dashboard which shows the distance of price from the Bollinger Bands Top and Bottom? Sort of just like your CCI dashboard example you posted for us a while ago.

    Please see attached example!

    1. Bollinger-Band-Deviation-Nic.itf

    Here is the small dashboard to show current Close distances from upper and lower Bollinger bands. To have it fixed on chart, it’s a better option to display it on a separate window like I did in my attached example.

    This is the dashboard code:


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    You’re a genius mate. Your coding is awesome thank you.

    How to I shorten the pip amount in the code? Is it bar index? For example I just want to shorten it to “46.5” instead of “46.23446598564332”. Thanks chief.


    Rounding digits is not possible, the only way to do is to modify lines 5 and 6 with this code instead: (it will round the displayed pips text to the next round number).


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    Bless you mate thank you.

    Is it possible to have dashboards like this one displayed on the main chart and not in a sub window? Or is that not possible with PRT yet?
    Also, you know when you “resize” the subwindow the dashboard text becomes overlapped onto each other. Can you teach me the code which will prevent this from happening sir?


    How about this for just 2 digits after decimal point… should work (replace all the 100’s with 10 for just 1 digit, or with 1000 for 3 digits, etc…)

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    Perfect! That worked like a charm. Check it out.

    1. Bollinger-Band-Distance-Pips.itf
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