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    I’m very happy to share my first strategy !
    It work on CFD EUR/USD mini contract $1 in timeframe M15
    The backtest show a nice and regular equity curve.
    Spread = 1 pip
    The strategy is base on a combination of RSI, mobile Average, Stochastic and STD (Standard Deviation).
    I use STD to avoid taking position into a range.
    I use it on a real account and it works correctly. For the moment no problems of slippage.


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    Hi Balmora,

    Thanks for sharing your discover. I moved your post from the pending review list to forum, because I think that it would need some refinements to be compliant for the Library.

    As the strategy seems a bit overfitted, would you mind doing some studies to get more relevant information about its robustness with optimized variables? Since last year, we have the benefit of the Walk Forward tool, which is a must for optimizations and that could prevent from overfit. There are useful discussions around here on that subject, blog posts about how to use it (and French videos too). There is also a specific chapter in the ProOrder documentation about Walk Forward. Good luck 😉


    Bonjour Nicolas et merci pour votre réponse. Je vais suivre vos conseils et me pencher sur le module “Walk Forward” qu’effectivement je ne connais pas encore. Je vous dirais quels résultats j’obtiens…

    Bien à vous et bonne journée.






    Thanks of sharing.

    why  you don’t use the Sthocastic condition for short entries?


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    Hi Leo.

    Because the results are better without using Stochastic.

    You can try another versus of the code who work only for short :


    Spread = 1 pip

    Less draw drown and regular equity curves.

    With only short you have only positives overnight costs !!

    Have a good day.





    Sounds good, I will try your code  to fit in my way of trading.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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