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    Hi again,

    Has anyone experienced the backtest not doing what you tell it?

    I had an issue when writing the code with this so I resorted to doing the simplified creation instead just to check I wasn’t inputting it wrong and even the simplified creation won’t work. I’m new to this, as I have mentioned in previous posts, so I am just getting to grips with everything which is why I am confused because I’m only automating a buying and selling pivot point strategy.

    The simple strat is buying between S2 and S3 so I have done buy when price <= Sup2 and when price => Sup3 execute and then exit when Sup3 > Price.

    The orders are executing on pivot, above S1 etc so I’m not sure what is going on…

    If anyone could give some advice I would be very grateful, thank you


    buying between S2 and S3, should be buy when price >= Sup2 and when price <= Sup3 execute.

    I guess that is what you meant to type above?


    Hi GraHal, thanks for getting back to me.

    Are you sure it isn’t when ‘price is less than/equal to’ rather than when ‘price is greater than/equal to S2’ ? Since if the price is greater than then it will be above surely?

    No probs if I’m wrong, but I just put what you said into the code to check and it is now executing above pivot…

    Have you encountered something like this before?


    My mistake, you are correct!

    I misread your strategy and / or was not thinking straight! Grandkids were here and they were rushing me off my PC so they could play games! 🙂 🙁

    If you post your full code then somebody will spot the Issue I feel sure.


    Haha no problem at all. 🙂


    I have a different problem

    A system (demo) opened a trade that should not be there (100% sure) and when i backtest it works as it should

    Maybe have something to do with using call the indicator?





    I have almost the opposite … in Real Live a trade stayed open, but in backtest it closed ‘early’ when backtesting on 2k bars or less.

    Call Indicator is used in this System also.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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