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    Are you sure you understood correctly that these were Futures contracts that you can now trade in automatic trading via ProOrder at IB? 🙂


    Well, Yes I was. But to be honest – sort of. The below is the only proof I can find – and it is half-proof only (or less). It is super tedious to find back the history of this because of the various accounts, Detailed Reports at a max of 10 (can’t open more) and the current Order History is overridden. And otherwise my Detailed Reports are all messed up anyway (they fail when Systems are thrown out).

    So the only proof I have is exactly NOT from what you mention : the EUR/USD. And … I recall that I asked for this myself. And even that I don’t know any more because I asked for others too and got them (this is how it works some times). Anyway, if EUR/USD is not in your list somewhere, you can add it. Or at least the Mini, because that is what I used but can’t see ?

    Let’s finish this up with that with the other pairs I may have been confused with the Spot versions. So by guarantee I used those all (not NZD and AUD). But from those too I can’t find a spur anywhere …
    (and the list in the 2nd picture is from the Futures (all in one code)).



    Hi Nicolas,

    is Soybean future available for PRT automatic trading? in particular ZS –  Soybean full0524



    Currently no, but I'm looking into it


    We’ve added it to the Wishlist, if the tests are OK we’ll add it.


    Hello, I am trying to add the ICT Donchian Smart Money Structure indicator in an autotrading strategy, but it gives me the following error;
    ICT Donchian Smart Money Structure returns 3 values but your code needs 4, can someone help me, thank you.


    Thank you Nicolas



    Do you know on market place a nice strategy working with Pro Order anf IB NOT IG.



    Hello @gerf11. You can find some systems where it says ‘PRT Trading IB’ on their product page, in a kind of green button below the price (see image). I don’t know if the listings can be filtered in some way to show only the systems compatible with IB

    In our case, we use another vendor name for systems adapted and validated with IB FUTURES (‘IBKR AutoTrading’ vendor, currently with 3 systems in the MarketPlace). We also have two systems under the vendor ‘ProRealAuto’, adapted to FUTURES.


    You can run backtests of all our systems by downloading our demo folder (common for all our vendor names), including the CFD and the FUTURES trading systems, also showing old versions and systems under validation:

    (Recommended a full read of the PDF inside the demo folder, to understand what the demo brings)


    Hi Nicolas, I’m looking for a sort of code for trailing stop for IB that can work. You coded one with trailingsart and so on, but it doesn’t work with IB in paper mode (never tried live). do you have any tuggestions? I really need one, because for me a trailing stop (anyone) is critical and It’s stopping me from going live.





    Apart from: ZS –  Soybean

    Would anyone like to add one or more new instruments compatible with automatic trading at Interactive Broker?


    SI and SIL.
    But if all is right this is pending for a month or so already (requested by me). Maybe your influence helps, Nicolas.
    The programs are ready to go … 🙂


    also copper and platinum would be great!



    Hi Nicolas, Irealized I made a mistake in my request. It’s Soybean oil (Ticker ZL) I’d like as new entry. Hope it’s possible. thank’s


    UPDATE: 10/06/2024

    A long list of new instruments available with automatic trading:

    Futures EUREX :

    • SCHATZ – Euro Schatz
    • BOBL – Euro Bobl
    • OAT – Euro OAT
    • BTP – Long Term Euro BTP
    • BTS – Short Term Euro BTP
    • SMI – SMI20

    Futures COMEX :

    • HG – Copper
    • MHG – Micro Copper
    • SI – Silver
    • SIL – Silver

    Futures CME e Globex :


    Futures NYMEX :

    • BZXXXX
    • HOXXXX
    • RBXXXX
    • PLXXXX
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