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    Hello all

    How i find by code the 55 Day Hi for previous day , is there any builtin function or something i can use.

    Thank you



    Hello Penny,

    You can use the HIGHEST instruction for that :

    It returns the previous high over the last 55 periods over the current timeframe.


    Thank you Nicolas

    and if i want to compare the last 55 bar of 55 day hi is there any way to do it.



    Hmm sorry… that is not clear 🙂

    But, if your request is just a simple comparison between the current bar high and the 55 days highest, here is the code :

    Then use this boolean result in your condition :

    or directly into your SCREENER instruction :



    Thank you Nicola

    I mean if i needed to compare the value of the current 55 day hi to the previous 5  – 55 day hi 

    is it possible ?

    Thank you


    Yes you can!

    If your variable is:

    Then you can catch what was its value 5 days before with:

    Then you can make your conditional statement with this 2 variables.



    Thank you Nicola


    Thank you Nicola

    I have last question in this issue – in weekly time frame how i can find the  value of the last bar of low ?

    I mean the last weekly bar today in the system is from May 2 2016, i need to retrieve this value.



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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