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    Hi, I’m doing a deep dive of past intraday moves, and for some reason intraday vwap doesn’t show in historical data, even if I select a single day.

    Do you know how can i solve this?

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    I only know VWAP as a indicator…

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    Yes, that VWAP doesn’t show on historical data. Can you check if it appears to you in historical data?

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    VWAP is an indicator in PRT so you can add this indicator in your data…so it is not part of your historical data but you must add it to your historical data.

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    How do you that? If I click “add indicator” and add vwap on the historical chart, it doesn’t appear.

    I have all the SMAs, but VWAP doesn’t show.

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    It is there but probaly the normal price and the VWAP are overlapping… just zoom in till you see the VWAP…

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    Are you sure the instrument have Volumes in order to calculate the VWAP? Add the indicator Volume on the chart for fast checking. What instrument are you using?

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    I tried with other stocks and VWAP appears.

    However with AAL, It doesn’t appear. See attached.

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    No problems here…

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    works correctly for me too, VWAP is displayed on a 1-minute chart for AAL.

    You should open a support ticket through the platform tool, I can’t replicate the issue 🙁

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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